We have new exciting things happening behind the scenes here at 23rd Precinct Music and are looking for talented individuals to work with us. Please send a cover letter explaining why you would be a suitable candidate for the role as well as a CV to .

Deadline is midnight on June 25th 2024. 

Label Manager - 23rd Precinct Music

Core Responsibilities

  • Back-office Management
    • Diligently manage all back-office functions.
    • Learn and maintain the Curve royalty system.
  • Release Management
    • Set up and execute all releases liaising with distributor and artist.
    • Monitor and report on performance post-release.
  • Artist and Stakeholder Communication
    • Liaise with artists on incoming queries.
    • Collaborate with radio pluggers, managers, PRs, and other relevant parties.
  • Contract and Royalty Management
    • Ensure valid contracts for all contributors to each recording.
    • Set up contributors in the royalty system if they are royalty-bearing participants.
    • Maintain a well-organised and accessible contractual chain.
  • Documentation and Data Management
    • Store all documentation on a secure cloud server.
    • Ensure directors have fluid access to the data at all times.
    • Implement a system of checks and balances to ensure smooth operation.


Label Assistant- 23rd Precinct Music

Core Responsibilities

  • Playlist Promotion and Digital Marketing
    • Manage playlist promotion.
    • Handle social media setup and content creation.
    • Create banners and in-house promo mail blasts.
    • Cover all other digital marketing activities required to promote music.
  • Content Creation
    • Produce short-form videos and canvas content in-house.
  • Database Management
    • Build and maintain promo databases.
    • Gather and organise information diligently for long-term benefits.
  • Assist the publishing team with activities every so often. 
    • Requires knowing the PRS for Music system or can learn this quickly. 
    • Updating website and one sheets for the roster.